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You Take the Breath Right Out of Me [entries|friends|calendar]

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Sleep becomes me [31 Jan 2006|03:07am]
[ mood | drained ]

God I am so tired. I had to answer my emails and shit though. I had Alot. *Yawns* I tried to read up on my friends page. Everyone seems to be doing well. It was good to see Pia and Sly again. I love you two vewy much, as well as my other gals.
Go I am so flipping tired.
There is really not much to say about my life right now. I have my crush as usual and then there are the random guys that want me that I entertain myself with. MLOL. J/k.
Tommorrow I must update my user info. After work. Blah.....work. Oh well I get to see Jesse and such.
And guess who's trying to quit smoking. *Points to self* <-----

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[18 Nov 2004|10:21pm]
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Hey everybody [28 Oct 2004|01:08pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Megs....I will have a chapter sent to you tonight I promise. I just got to talking to Delia and Justin on yahoo voice last night and thats all I did. I didn't get anything else done. But I dont have any other classes tonight so I should be able to do it no problem.
Man I dont know if any of my LJ ladies watch General hospital but I soooooo want Jason and Courtney back together. I mean Jason and her are just made for each other. I like Sam and all but she should be with Jax. Jax loves her in a way that Jason cannot because of all the love he has for Courtney.
Okay I know that if you dont watch GH and your not Meg this entry has been bull shit. Sorry.

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Heyllo one and all [27 Oct 2004|12:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I am feeling much much better today! Wooooohooooo1 I am seriously glad for that. And next wendsday at ten in the morning I have and interveiw with the DayCare across from the campus. I sooooooo want that job. It is way better than the one I have. I only work weekends and one day a week at MSA and the daycare would give me alot more hours. Aaaahaaa! I am sooooo happy.
Okay I am better now. I am just so ready to switch jobs. Yeah!
I think that thats all for right now. Wow my life is boring. hahahaha.

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Questions [27 Oct 2004|08:44am]
Here I snagged this from Meggers. Please do. I'll do for you.

1. Tell me one thing you love about me.

2. Tell me two things you love about yourself.

3. Look through the comments ~ when you see someone you know, tell them three things you love about them.
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Stole from Slysom [26 Oct 2004|12:42pm]
1. Pick three things from my list of interests (userinfo) that you like, and explain why.
2. Pick two things from my list of interests that you don't like, and explain why.
3. Pick two things from my list of interests that surprises you, and explain why.
4. Pick two things from my list of interests that you don't understand, and i'll tell you about it.
5. Tell me one thing that's not on my list of interests that should be.

I know I only have 50 or so interests just do your best. Thanks.
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Sick Sick Sick [26 Oct 2004|12:10pm]
Here is chapter three of mine and Meg's story. It has a few cuss words in it so this is my warning.
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Meggers had a great idea for the next chapter so we will have to see how it plays out.
Man I feel like crap today. My throat is KILLING me and my nose is so stuffed I cant breath. Question for Kellie (dutchtulips) have you seen A Knights Tale? If you could do my mood for that movie I would teh appreciate it. If you cant do that one then how about Pearl Harbor. If you cant do any of those just let me know.
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English 101 [25 Oct 2004|09:41pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Jack O'Callahan

He's a bad boy...enough said! His saucy ways are
such a major turn on! Besides, he's completely
gorgeous and deserves a nice girl to tame his
wild ways down!

Who is your perfect Miracle match?
brought to you by Quizilla

So this morning was my first day of English 101. I purposely sat between Bryan <3
and my friend Antonio and the two of them together make the four hour class alot better. My English professor is NUTS though. This lady is anal with a capital A. She actually bragged about how many people she failed last term. We have four 2000 word papers to do in the first eight weeks. AAAAAAAAH! I may be needing the help of some of my college graduate LJ ladies. Tehehehehe. But yeah so I am seriously stressed about this dang class.

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Halloween [25 Oct 2004|08:29am]
Halloween Costumes by Karen_Walker
Your Name
You Should Dress Up As
You'll Hook Up With
And Eat Lots OfAlmond Joys
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Ok Yeah for me getting to hook up with Wolverine and all but by chance does anyone know who I am? I mean is that Pamela Anderson? hahahahahaha.
SO Bryan and Travis came over last night. Bryan was really cool (and he liked me cookies). We have come a cross a small but fixable glitch though. He has serious commitment issues. I guess like all these girls cheated on him and shit and now he doesnt trust or whatever. Anywho the solution is simple. Be his friend and earn his trust, and THEN ask him out.
Yuppers I am good.
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Happy Happy [24 Oct 2004|12:08pm]
[ mood | nervous ]


Ok I had to do that. But I am better now. Promise. Yes so I found out mystery boys name!!! Rock on me!! His name is Bryan and he knows Travis (my friend...the one who owns the bulldog in the pictures). So I casually mentioned that Trav was coming over tonight to watch the Detroit Lions game (Travis is from Mich 2) and Bruan was all I might have to tag along and so Loren is officialy fricken STOCKED!!!!! Oh my God I am sooooooooo happy that he is coming tonight. Eeeeeeehh! I am like gonna hyperventulate. I don't know if maye I should change, I am wearing khakis and my Michigan Football shirt. Too boyish? But I want to be myself around him. I AM going to curl my hair as soon as I get done baking these cookies I have in the oven though. I made little sugar cookies that I used a Lion cookie cutter on and blue sprinkles. Heheheheehehe, I know I am creative. WAIT...he's not gonna think I am weird is he?
What do you guys think....Should I change?.....and Are the cookies stupid and overboard?

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CH 2 [22 Oct 2004|09:27pm]
Here goes Ch 2. Thanks to Megs for BETA reading it for me.
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La La La La La [22 Oct 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | full ]

Sorry about the subject. I am teh bored. Rob and Ashley (who came back yesterday) are playing Madden 04. I dont know how she plays that crap. Ok so Kelli, (dutch tulips) darling I have a mood theme I would love for you to create but I do not know if you can do it. I would LOVE a Havana Nights, Dirty Dancing 2 one but I dont know if you can do it or not. If you cant that is teh coolness. Dont worry about how long it takes you.
So man I am pooped. It has been a LONG week and I am not exactly excited about starting class again on Monday. My week break was not long enough. I am looking foward to Halloween though. Lynn is coming over (she got to move back in2 her dorm yesterday) and we are watching a whole bunch of corny old scary movies we bought. We got Halloween, Children of the Corn, Psycho, the Poltregeist, Hellraiser, and the Wolfman (the 1950s one). Will be teh fun! hahahaahahahaha.
Okay so I emailed chapter 2 of my story to Meg, as soon as she sends it back I will post it. K dokey.

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Howdy [21 Oct 2004|12:27pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wow sorry my posts as of late have sucked. My life is soooooooooo boring. No joke. But I wont bore you with how boring my life is.

So I am currently in the process of writing Chapter 2 of Megs fic and I am going to send it to Meg to BETA then I will hopefuly post it tommorrow.

Yay for the BOSOX by the way. *Snaps* for them. Tehehehehehe

So I talked to Delia back home for like an hour on Yahoo Instant Message last night and that was cool. She is so Crazy and in my boring world I miss her terribly. I cannot believe how much has changed in the mere five months I have been gone. I mean Lisa got married and is pregnant, Tracy decided to move to Cali, Sarha joined the Army, and Mark is dating a girl! (he is gay..or was gay..or is bi... I dont know!)
Also Delia broke up with her boyfriend to get back with her ex. And dont even get me started on Brittany's life. That girl could star in her own soap opera.
Man makes my life feel even more boring.

What I need is a man. MLOL! I have decided that as much as I like Rian he and I just are too different and there are to many things that would leave it impossible for us to have anything but a short term romance (such as his family not speaking English and my fam dont speak German, he never wants to leave Germany and I have a calender counting down the days man, and etc). And right now I am looking for something with long term capabilities. I am soooooooo tired of the dating scene. Blah! I mean in highschool it was all about going to the movies with this boy one month and to dinner with that one next month and I am sooooo bored of it. I want a guy who knows me. Knows my little quirks and the goofy stuff I do and LOVES ME. Yes I said it. I Lorena Marie Dengate want to fall in love and dont want to run from it like the black plague any more. I am ready, so Aphrodite can you fling a man my way? I want him tall and handsome and funny and smart..............

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Hmmmmmmm [20 Oct 2004|10:14am]
The most interesting thing happened last night. I was kinda down because Lynn had gone with her friend Leah to do something and I was at the house by myself and I dont know why but lately I have been feeling really lonely when I have to stay home alone and so I turned on the tv and I was channel surfing and I was all I need a hot guy to come on and then i'd take my mind of things. Well I thought that and then flicked the channel and some Dutch newsprogram thingie, we pick up some Dutch and Swiss stations here in Germany, and Pieter Van Den Hoogenband (see icon or videos from previous posts)was on talking about something, it was in Dutch and my Dutch is SERIOUSLY limited so I dont know what, but I was all like WEIRD.
Anyone else think that was weird or is it just me?
Anyways I think that that has really been my highlight.God am I so boring.
I made spinach dip last night after Lynn left and took it to Rob's dorm. I take him food sometimes while Ashley is gone cuz if I dont he will live of Burger king. Ashley always cooks for him, he NEVER cooks.
His roomate is cute. His name is Mike. He never really talks much, at least when I am around he doesnt.
So I think thats it. GOD I AM SO DULL!!
I cannot believe this I am 18 fricken years old, living an ocean away from my parents and the highlight of my day is seeing a hot guy on tv and cooking Fucking spinach dip. What is wrong with me????! College is supposed to be fun, and partys and getting into trouble and meeting guys. Whats wrong with me? I havent been to hardly any parties. Where are the beer kegs and shit? The last time I got drunk it was because I had one to many Cosmopolatans. Fricken Cranberrie Cosmopolotans. I am such a loser!
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CH 1 [19 Oct 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Ok so since this thing got the okay and good job stuff from Megs I will post the first chapter. Then I will tell you what happened after yoga today.
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Okay so with that posted I will tell ya'll about what happened this afternoon. Remember that guy that I told you all about a couple of posts back, the one I ran into while checking the mail. Well I ran into him again today. Today it was in the student center where I was buying my English 101 book. He was behind me turning in a book from last term that I guess was only an 8 week class and he said "Hi." I asked him what class he was picking up this term and he said English 101. He is gonna be in my English class, along with about 50 other people, but I was so excited. Still don't know his name. Damn Lynn for not remembering who he was. Okay so now I am of to check my grade on the History Final at the University website. Wish me luck!!

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Hey [19 Oct 2004|09:35am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everybody. Whats up? Not too much here. I went with Lynn to see The Vilage last night and it was okay. Everyone else who had seen it was all OMG it sucked but I thought it was different. It wasn't a reused storyline, you know it actually shocked me. I wont say anymore in case yall havent seen it. I mean its worth renting when it comes out on dvd. Lynn liked it alot. I just wish there had been more scenes with Michael Pitt and his face wasn't all covered up. He is so fricking beautiful and they covered his face almost all the way with that dumb yellow cloak.

Anywho TODAY I am going to sit down and write the first part of my story for you to read Megs. I know I have been saying that forever but I am soooo really gonna do it today. I have got almost the whole thing up in my head I just have to write it out. Which takes time. Which I haven't had alot of lately. But I will not let myself make any plans until this dumb thing is done. As soon as I get back from yoga we I am gonna do it. Its a really cool and pretty morning so I hope our instructor takes us out on the padio to do our yoga. She said she liked to do that with her classes so Ya! Hopefully we will get to.

And lastly here are the STUPID DORKY pics I wanted to post yesterday but PHOTOBUCKET was being dumb. Remember be kind we had just woken up.
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We are young...Love is a battlefield [18 Oct 2004|02:45pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Sorry...I was listening to that song and now it won't get outta my head. Me and Lynn have just been in totally dorky moods as of late.
We were taking pics this mornig on her digital of us doing stupid shit. Me making kissy faces and her sticking her tongue out. I will post the pics but be kind we had just woken up. This morning I was so glad that Ashley was gone because she would have been all "Ya'll are so stupid" and "stop being so loud" Uuugh! Sometimes you just wanna be a dork ya know?
So wow last night was a bad night for a bunch of my lj ladies.
Hugs to Carly and Megs. Hope that you all feel better. I know life fuckin sucks sometimes. Hopefully yall both had good days at school.
I have had a lovely day. Man maybe I wont be posting those pics right now. photobucket is being a bitch and wont pull them up. Grrrrrrrr! I will try to post the pics later!

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HUH? [17 Oct 2004|06:03pm]
by spazyspag
Youre famous for:Porn
You get famous:March 16, 2012
You make $$ per/year:$433,293,527,280,290
Do people like you?Everyone loves you
Dead/Alive:Way dead
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What the hell is that all about? Im a dead porn star?
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Abbie.. [17 Oct 2004|12:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Here are the pics I took last night of Abbie Travis's bulldog. Teh cutey. I am not sure why the last one is so friggen dark. Sorry.
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I feel like im flying [17 Oct 2004|10:52am]
[ mood | blah ]

Oka I really don't feel that way it is just a line from the song I was listenig to and I can't get it out of my friggen head. Blah! Hahhahaahahaha!
We just got done watching "Angel and a bad man" with John Wayne in it. It was okay even though I do no tfavor westerns that much. The girl that plays Penny looks like Ava Gardner. I wonder if it is her. Hmmmmmmm
Sorry got of topic a tad there. I am teh excited about Thanksgiving. Frahley and Mac and Travis and Bookout are all coming over. OW the hottness. Well Bookout isnt hot but the other three are. Travis, as much as I adore him, has a wife back in the states though. Bah.
Lynn is beeing so goofy right now. She is running around making kissy noises for no reason at all. Shes goofy.
Oh man this morning I got hit on and I looked teh aweful. I was walking to the mail box in my pajama pants and a hoodie and this guy, who lives a couple of dorms over and Lynn said he was in her Astronomy class, he came up and was all "Hey whats up girl?" and I am all "Getting mail" and he's all "I can see that" and I m all "Duh" and hes all asking me about if I still go with Rian. I don't know how he even knew I went with Rian. MLOL!
Oh I took two pics of Travis's bulldog Abbie last night. I will post them tommorrow.

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